How To Confidently Identify Your Target Audience In Under 20 Minutes you can create a product or service offer they are willing to buy!


You Can't Create a Product Until You Identify a Painful Problem Within Your Target Audience Worth Solving! 

I get it. You want to set up an automated digital product or coaching business but you don't know what to create.


And you certainly don't want to take the time to craft something that isn't going to sell.


This is why STEP ONE lies in identifying who your ideal customers are and what kinds of offers they will respond to.

In short - you need to identity a painful problem of theirs so you can swoop in and solve it!

You may have a general idea of who you want to serve, but you likely need to niche down.

Actually, yes - you do need to niche down.

You'll just be wasting time and money if you do this backwards and try to guess WHO would want your product after creating it.

Just take my word on this one.

I would go too broad with my audience in the past, thinking I'd reach more people - but it does the opposite.

You'll wind up reaching no one.

By niching down, you can better understand the motivations and desires of your ideal customer, allowing you to craft offers that guarantee results.

That's what you'll do in less than 20 minutes inside Perfect Market Match.

  • Identify WHO your target audience is and how to uncover their most pressing problems!

My brain is in overdrive, and I love it. After going through the Perfect Market Match lessons for my organizational business the whole niche focus Kristin teaches about is changing they way I approach my content and offers. - Daniele

When you Act Now the "Perfect Market Match" includes how to:

Boost customer trust in your brand by understanding their needs.

Feel empowered knowing you can create offers that customers will love.

Tell your story in a way that speaks to the right people.

Know exactly who you’re creating content for.

Build relationships with customers more effectively.

Understand your target market's needs and wants. 

I Also Understand that When I ACT NOW, I Also Get...

Brand Marketing Sheet

to keep track of your ideas and stay organized in one centralized location.

Niche Statement  Templates

so you can quickly qualify people who come in contact with your brand.

Uncover your Unique Skills video and workbook

will help you to dig deep into your true strengths and passions. 

Yes! I'm ready to know exactly WHO I'm creating content for, understand WHAT my target market needs and wants, and WHY gaining a deep understanding of my target audience will generate more sales.



Perfect Market Match is the 20-minute solution for anyone looking to confidently identify their target audience so you can identify a painful problem and create a product or service offer that resonates with them. 

So if you're ready to unlock the secrets of identifying your perfect market match, don't wait any longer – start today!

  • Video Training (13-Minute)
  • 18-page Workbook
  • BONUS! 16-Tab Brand Marketing Sheet
  • BONUS! Niche Statement  Template
  • BONUS! Uncovering your Unique Skills 14-Minute Video and 11-Page workbook

(A $497 Value)


100% Guaranteed

If Perfect Product Match doesn't show me exactly how to pin point a my target audience... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to understand my niche audience's needs and wants... or if it fails to help me know how to know who to create content for, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked! Valid for 7 Days after purchase.

Hi, I'm Kristin Korn - the creator of Perfect Market Match

You've pushed products onto the wrong customers in the past - but this time, we are doing it the right way!

We will define the market you are meant to serve and THEN create the exact products they need and want to buy.

I can tell you about my past success in direct sales, all my start ups, or that I shifted my branding knowledge to create my own boutique marketing company.

But in the end all that matters is that I've been in your shoes...

  • fell for get rich promises
  • chased shiny objects
  • attended thought leader conferences
  • listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts 
  • read dozens of books

So if you're about to tell me "Kristin, I've tried starting my own business in the past and it didn't work out too well."

Then I will totally believe you!

I've had business ideas fail and so have my clients.

Until I realized a healthy business is built on purpose, not income goals or vanity metrics.

Simplifying success means bite-sized content.

That’s why I don’t offer overblown and overwhelming courses that will take you months and months to get thru - only to NOT launch a course of your own in the end.

No one wins in that scenario.

Today - as you ponder over your next business move... don’t do nothing just because you can’t do everything.

You don’t need to do everything. 

Your client doesn’t want everything at once!

One step at a time goes for you and them.

Your clients want to consume your content and paid offers one problem at a time.

I will NOT let you lose focus.

Because your next quick win is right around the corner.

Literally, in 13 minutes, with Perfect Market Match, you can focus on serving a specific type of person rather than broad appeals.

Go ahead and ADD TO CART Perfect Market Match today!

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Introducing a new, easy-to-follow roadmap that makes creating and selling digital products a breeze.


Say goodbye to overwhelming how-to courses and hello to bite-sized wins.

This step-by-step roadmap will have you up and running in no time - even if you're still searching for that perfect product idea.

Start monetizing your knowledge with a digital product or coaching business today in just 5 simple steps! 

Perfect Market Match helps you check the box on (step 1) identifying your audience so you can identify a painful problem you can solve!