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For coaches, creators, and creative entrepreneurs! Increase your profits without sacrificing more time. I offer a suite of solutions tailored to enhance your personal branding, implement core marketing strategies, automate digital marketing, and conduct quarterly business audits for better profitability and productivity.

Visual Branding.    

Custom Brand Identity Pack

Done for you - From custom logos to color theory-based marketing materials, I've got the design chops to make your brand memorable. Your Visual Language is like your brand's calling card, a visual handshake that says, "Hey, we're unique, we're fun, and you're gonna love doing business with us." Includes 30-minute set-up call. Fill out the application to get started.

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DIY Branding Photos Tutorial

Take control of your brand's visual story with this DIY Branding Photos Tutorial. Perfect for business-savvy women, this guide will help you create stunning brand photos at home using just your phone and a Canva account! They'll never know you took them with your phone! 

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Marketing Strategy.    

CORE Catalyst Package

The CORE Catalyst Package is a comprehensive solution designed to redefine your marketing strategy from the ground up.

It ingeniously integrates the evolving education landscape's most effective strategies, embodying a blended learning approach that caters to the dynamic needs of coaches, creators, and creative entrepreneurs. At its heart, this package combines the flexibility of on-demand, self-paced courses with the personalized touch and expertise of interactive, instructor-led coaching sessions.

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1:1 CORE Clarity Consultation

Use my expansive experience to lay out your business plan and marketing strategy. A burst of inspiration without a long-term commitment! Turn Your Chaos Into Clarity in Just 90 Minutes. The one-time clarity call is like a power-packed, turbo-charged mini program that gives you the 'aha' moments without the long-term commitment. 

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Marketing Automation.

Lead Drip 365‚ĄĘ

Lead Drip 365‚ĄĘ provides a how-to for building a profitable¬†marketing and sales funnel¬†‚ÄĒan invaluable skill in the digital age of entrepreneurship.¬†Utilizing my exclusive Profit Pipeline‚ĄĘ, say goodbye to erratic sales and hello to a well-oiled, money-making machine right within your business. No previous skills required.

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Business Audit. 

DIY Audit Program

How To Confidently Overcome Business Roadblocks For Long-Term Profitability, Avoiding The Disappointment of Effort Not Matching Profits

With this reusable program, you’re not just uncovering the hidden challenges within your business; you’re stepping into a world of potential, where maximizing productivity and profitability becomes not just a goal but a reality.

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Mentorship & Networking.

Brand Highlighter HQ Coaching Group

Obtain the clarity and support system you need to march ahead and execute your ideas. Live group support and guidance from Kristin Korn for women who are "work in progress" with creating, building, and launching their digital products, personal brand, and value ladder coaching offers. 

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Freebie Starters.

FREE DIY Audit Checklist for Creatives 

The 8 Areas to Analyze in Your Small Business to be More Productive and Profitable.

With this free checklist, you can start to take a closer look at your business and identify the areas that need improvement.

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Free Tech Toolbox Resource

I've got all the juicy details on my top-notch app recommendations, must-read books, helpful online resources, and more! Consider them my well-kept secrets, but I'm willing to share them with you.

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7 Scaleup Solutions

Have you hit a plateau and struggling to tap into the online marketplace?

Incorporate these 7 Scaleup Solutions to foster smart and sustainable growth in your business.


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Profit Pipeline‚ĄĘ Punchlist + Demo Video

Personally used with 75+ clients -  this simple funnel framework sharpens your business strategies and unveils the secrets to a perpetual cash flow.

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