Passive Income Ideas Cheatsheet


Following my 7 Scaleup Solutions... here are the offerings available.

1. Targeted Marketing Strategy.

Audience + Offer Bundle

How to leverage your experience and expertise to generate the right offers your audience wants. Establish a strong business plan in 40 minutes that is ready to scale and set your business up for long-term success.

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2. Brand Identity.

DIY Branding Photos Tutorial

Take control of your brand's visual story with this DIY Branding Photos Tutorial. Perfect for business-savvy women, this guide will help you create stunning brand photos at home using just your phone and a Canva account!

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4. Course Sales Funnel.

Take A Day Off - Start Here!

If you are tired of trading time for money, I want to introduce you to a way to add on a passive income stream. This modern method of creating a course, program, or coaching offer will help you reimagine how you do business moving forward.

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Book Add-on: Toolkit

Your all-in-one solution to turbocharge your revenue generation! This 3x Automated Sales Funnel Toolkit is more than just a PDF bundle – it's your guiding compass in the exciting world of online sales. It brings together two essential resources: the "Sales Page Blueprint PDF" and the "Sales Emails PDF." Add on to the Take A Day Off Book.

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Book Add-on: Kajabi Tech Stack Videos

Discover the ultimate add-on to the Take A Day Off Book! Unlock step-by-step video tutorials and master the tech stack to effortlessly set up your sales funnel within hours using Kajabi.

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7. Mentorship & Networking.

Brand Highlighter HQ

Obtain the clarity and support system you need to march ahead and execute your ideas. Live group support and guidance from Kristin Korn for women who are "work in progress" with creating, building, and launching their digital products, personal brand, and value ladder coaching offers. 

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Helpful Add-Ons.

Freebie Starters.

3x Automated Sales Funnel Checklist + Chart


As a beginner, follow these guidelines to eliminate the guesswork and reduce your learning curve.

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7 Scaleup Solutions

Have you hit a plateau and struggling to tap into the online marketplace?

Incorporate these 7 Scaleup Solutions to foster smart and sustainable growth in your business.


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